305m STP Cat7 1000MHz network cable/computer cable/data cable/communication cable/connector/audio cable

STP Cat 7 PVCLan Cables Product Name/Code:STP Cat 7 PVCPerformanceApplication:FrequencyRLAttenuationNEXTPSNEXT100 Base-T4 (MHz)(dB)(dB/100m)  100 Base-TX  min.maxmin (dB)min (dB)100VG - AnyLAN 1.00020.002.0080.0077.001000 Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) 4.00023.003.6080.0077.00155

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Product Name/Code:STP Cat 7 PVCPerformance
100 Base-T4 (MHz)(dB)(dB/100m)  
100 Base-TX  min.maxmin (dB)min (dB)
100VG - AnyLAN 1.00020.002.0080.0077.00
1000 Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet) 4.00023.003.6080.0077.00
155 Mbps ATM 10.0025.005.7080.0077.00
622 Mbps AT 16.0025.007.2080.0077.00
Reference Standard20.0025.008.1080.0077.00
EIA/TIA 568B & ISO/IEC 1180131.2523.6010.1080.0077.00
Cable Construction62.5021.5014.5075.5072.50
ConductorSolid Bare Copper100.0020.1018.5072.4069.40
Conductor Diameter(mm)0.64/0.574250.0017.3030.2066.5063.50
InsulationSolid PE300.0017.3033.3065.3063.30
Average Thickness (mm)0.2FrequencyELFEXTPSELFEXT ACR
Insulation Diameter(mm)1.20(MHz)    
Drain wireTinned copper min (dB)min (dB)  
Construction (mm)7/0.21.00080.0077.00 78.00
Al foil (Individual)Aluminium/PET foil4.00080.0077.00 76.40
  10.0074.0071.00 74.30
  16.0069.9066.90 72.80
SheathingPVC /FRPVC20.0068.0065.00 71.90
Thickness(mm)1.431.2564.1061.10 69.90
Diameter(mm)9.1(22 AWG)62.5058.1055.10 61.00
8(23 AWG)100.0054.0051.00 53.90
Core Identificatin/Color CodeAccording to customer request200.0048.0045.00 41.10
Bending Radius6xOverall Diameter250.0046.0043.00 36.30
  300.0044.5041.50 32.00
  600.0038.4035.40 11.90
Fire PerformanceElectrical Performance
Flame propagation Test to IEC 332 Part 1(PVC)
Flame Propagation Test to IEC 60332 Part 1 and Part 3(FEPVC)
Max.Conductor DC Resistance at 20 ºC(Ω/Km)<93.8
Operating Temperature( ºC )70
Velocity of propagation79%
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305m STP Cat7 1000MHz Network Cable/Computer Cable/ Data Cable/ Communication Cable/ Connector/ Audio Cable

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